Communication headset use and noise measurement in the workplace

Flora Nassrallah, Christian Giguère, Hilmi R. Dajani


The ISO 11904 describes two procedures for the direct measurement of sound under communication headsets. For the Microphone in a Real Ear (MIRE) technique, a specially trained individual must insert a miniature or probe microphone in the worker's ear canal. Although this technique provides the most direct estimate of sound exposure to the worker, its invasive nature could restrict his/her movement, and the positioning of the microphone or probe can be problematic. The ISO 11904-2 [6] specifies sound measurements on an acoustic manikin. The standardized manikin simulates the changes that happen to sound waves as they pass a human head and torso. An indirect calculation method has also been proposed that can serve as a basic tool to predict noise exposure in workplace settings where communication headsets are worn.


Architectural acoustics; Communication; Microphones; Noise pollution; Noise pollution control; Probes; Direct measurement; Ear canal; Human head; Noise exposure; Noise measurements; Sound exposure

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