Using the Parameters of Definition, D50, and Reverberation Time, RT, to Investigate the Acoustic Quality of Classrooms

Samuel Ansay, Paulo Henrique Trombetta Zannin


The parameters of Definition, D50, and Reverberation Time, RT, described in the ISO 3382-1:2009 standard, were used in this study to evaluate the acoustic quality of classrooms which had been renovated. Following the aforementioned ISO standard, D50 and RT were measured via the impulse response method, using DIRAC 3.1 software. The analysis of RT in the classrooms after their renovation shows that this parameter increased, indicating that the quality of acoustic environments designed for the modern classroom is deteriorating.  The analysis of the measured values of D50 led to the conclusion that, notwithstanding the increase in RT, many points inside the classrooms displayed good acoustic quality. This finding suggests that evaluations of the acoustic quality of classrooms should involve not only the analysis of RT but also of the parameter of Definition, D50.


Reverberation time, Definition, Classrooms, Acoustic quality

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