Scattering of a plane wave by a cylinder with surface impedance that varies with position

Paulo Henrique Trombetta Zannin, Walter Paucar Casas, Fabiano Belisário Diniz, Clifton Roberto Giovaninni


In this work 'the source simulation technique' was used to calculate the scattering of a plane wave by a circular cylinder with surface impedance that varies with position. The basic idea of the source simulation technique is to replace the scatterer by a system of simple sources located within the envelope of the original body. The efficiency of the method was verified through the comparison between numerical results and experimental data. The calculation of the scattering was performed for the variants of the method: the single-layer method and the one-point multipole method. The matching between theoretical and experimental results was in the overall good, despite some occasional discrepancies.


Acoustic impedance; Acoustic radiators; Attenuation; Boundary conditions; Computer simulation; Plane wave scattering

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