Preliminary Assessment of the Acoustics of the Guaíra Theater in Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil

Paulo Henrique Trombetta Zannin, Marcus Manfrin de Oliveira Filho, Andressa Maria Coelho Ferreira, Cristiane Pulsides, Samuel Ansay, Bruno Portela


This paper presents a preliminary assessment of the acoustics of the Guaíra Theater. This is one of Brazil’s most important theaters, whose space is designed for presentations of symphony concerts, operas, ballets and plays. The acoustics of the main auditorium of the Guaíra Theater was evaluated based on reverberation times calculated for the following conditions: 1) 1/3 of seat occupancy, 2) 2/3 of seat occupancy, and 3) full seat occupancy. In addition to these calculations, reverberation times were also measured following the guidelines of the ISO 3382-1: 2009 standard. 


Gauíra Theater; reverberation time; measurements of reverberation time; room acoustics; simulation of reverberation time

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