A review of some preliminary results on the auditory representation of speech


  • M.F. Cheesman Dept. of Communicative Disorders, Elborn Coll., Univ. of Western Ontario, London, Ont., Canada


bioelectric potentials, ear, hearing, speech recognition, speech perception, auditory representation, acoustic cues, auditory speech cues, physiological measurements, auditory nerve, cochlear nucleus, speech signals, psychophysical techniques, human auditory periphery, speech stimulation


Speech perception studies have traditionally focused on the identification of the acoustic cues that are needed to distinguish the sounds of speech. Recently, however, techniques have been developed that allow investigation of the auditory speech cues. Direct physiological measurements have been made of the output of the auditory system at the levels of the auditory nerve and cochlear nucleus during stimulation by speech signals (e.g. Sachs & Young, 1979). In the present paper, some studies that have used psychophysical techniques to estimate the output of the human auditory periphery during speech stimulation and comparison with perceptual measures of the same stimuli are reviewed



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Cheesman M. A review of some preliminary results on the auditory representation of speech. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 1990Jan.1 [cited 2020Jul.12];18(1):3-12. Available from: https://jcaa.caa-aca.ca/index.php/jcaa/article/view/615



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