Errors incurred using a dummy head to make omni-directional room acoustics measurements

S. Norcross, J.S. Bradley, R.E. Halliwell


Most auditorium acoustics measurements require the use of an omni-directional microphone, others are binaural and require the use of a dummy head. The authors present some aspects of investigations using a dummy head to make omni-directional measurements. Data from three different concert halls, using both techniques, were used to examine the differences between the two. The halls used were Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts, Massey Hall in Toronto, and two configurations of the John Aird Centre Recital Hall in Waterloo, Ontario


acoustic variables measurement; architectural acoustics; auditorium acoustics measurements; dummy head; omni-directional measurements; concert halls; Mechanics Hall; Worcester; Massey Hall; Toronto; John Aird Centre Recital Hall; Waterloo

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