Modeling the vibroacoustic response of multi-materials complex structures under mechanical excitation

Dilal Rhazi, Noureddine Atalla


Modeling of vibroacoustic response of multi-materials complex structure, made up of parallel and homogenous layers, under mechanical excitation is demonstrated. The first approach is based on the propagation of plane waves im the main structure and layers of the NCT, the second uses Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) for the main structure and the layers of the NCT, while the last approach uses the model technique by calculating the equivalent impedance for the added treatment. The panel size of the aircraft is accounted for in the calculation of the acoustic indicators using the Finite Transfer Matrix Method (FEMM) and the term represents a geometrical correction to account for the finite size effect. The results show that the combination of methods can be used to eliminate the assumption of low coupling that is assumed in SEA calculations.


Excited states; Finite element method; Large scale systems; Statistical methods; Transfer matrix method; Complex structures; Mechanical excitation; Vibroacoustic response

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