In-situ Measurement of Acoustic Impedance in Presence of Grazing Flow


  • Xukun Feng Université de Sherbrooke, CA
  • Zacharie Laly Université de Sherbrooke, CA
  • Noureddine Atalla Université de Sherbrooke, CA


Perforated plates are often used to control noise in different applications, including architectures and intake or exhausst of engines. The key parameter acoustic impedance of such component depends on different parameters such as sound pressure level,sound incidence angle,grazing/bias flow rate and even temperature. Normal incidence impedance of perforated plates is widely investigated via a standard impedance tube while in many cases, the sound propagates in a grazing incidence with a grazing mean flow over the perforated plate as found in the nacelle of aero-engine of muffler of an automotive engine. For the later, different techniques have been developped to determine acoustic impedance of perforated plate under grazing flow.In this paper, a direct in-situ method is used to experimentally study the effect of grazing flow on perforated plate acoustic impedance.

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Feng X, Laly Z, Atalla N. In-situ Measurement of Acoustic Impedance in Presence of Grazing Flow. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 2023 Oct. 9 [cited 2024 Jun. 13];51(3):128-9. Available from:



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