Predicted acoustical performance of multi-unit splitter silencers


  • R. Ramakrishnan
  • W.R. Watson


acoustic noise, noise abatement, design curves, acoustical performance, multi-unit splitter silencers, fan noise, rectangular ducts, air-handling systems, silencer performance evaluation, rectangular silencers, silencer insertion loss


Passive silencers with acoustic fill are commonly used to reduce the fan noise in rectangular ducts of conventional air-handling systems. Design procedures for silencer performance evaluation of simple configurations have been available for some time. Design curves for a wide variety of rectangular silencers were made available recently. Many methods for predicting silencer insertion loss assume the silencers to be a single unit. In many air-handling systems however, the duct is divided into many small units by installing splitters in the duct. Predicted insertion loss results for multi-unit splitter silencers are presented in this paper. Multi-unit silencer performance is compared to that of a single unit within the full duct. The accuracy of using a single-unit model to represent the different types of conventional rectangular silencers is also presented

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Ramakrishnan R, Watson W. Predicted acoustical performance of multi-unit splitter silencers. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 1990 Jul. 1 [cited 2024 Apr. 21];18(3):3-12. Available from:



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