Effect of perforated sheets on rectangular silencer performance


  • R. Ramakrishnan Barman Swallow Associates, Rexdale, Ont., Canada


finite element analysis, noise abatement, Galerkin finite element method, perforated sheets, rectangular silencer, HVAC duct silencers


HVAC duct silencers use porous materials such as glass wool, rock wool etc. to absorb the sound. Mathematical models for predicting the insertion loss of the silencers are a critical part of an optimum design and models to evaluate the insertion loss of absorptive rectangular silencers were developed by different researchers. The porous absorbers of the silencers are usually covered with a perforated sheet metal to protect the material from the main flow. Cummings (1976) considered the effect of the perforated sheets and showed that the effect is usually negligible. The conventional prediction methods therefore ignore the effects. The effect of the perforated sheets is considered. The effect is included in the numerical model as a jump condition. The present results are limited to rectangular silencers only. Preliminary results of a parametric study are presented

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