Reverberation time?

M. Barman, A. Gambino, R. Ramakrishnan, J.C. Swallow


Reverberation time (RT60) defines the rate of decay of sound energy in a room which in turn is directly related to the overall sound absorption in the room. RT60 is the transient response (the statistical time domain analysis) of the room which is assumed to be convertible to the steady state decay (the statistical frequency response) of sound in the room with distance. The concept is simple and suitable as a descriptor for room acoustics. The detailed evaluation and measurement of RT60 however is full of tricks and traps. The problems associated with the evaluation of RT60 are described first. The difficulties associated with the field measurement of RT60 are highlighted and the methods usually applied to overcome these are also discussed. Several methods and instrumentation systems for reverberation time measurements are compared and a cost effective procedure is presented


acoustic variables measurement; architectural acoustics; reverberation; sound energy; room; transient response; statistical time domain analysis; steady state decay; room acoustics; instrumentation systems; reverberation time measurements

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