Insertion loss of multi-chamber mufflers

R. Ramakrishnan, A. Misra


Expansion chamber mufflers are commonly used as noise control devices in piping systems, when the application of passive silencers is not possible. Single expansion chamber mufflers has been studied extensively. Lamancusa (1988) conducted a parametric study on the transmission loss of double expansion mufflers. However, insertion loss is more meaningful than transmission loss for the effect of the inlet and tail pipe lengths are properly taken into account. A parametric study on the insertion loss of two chamber and three chamber mufflers was conducted and preliminary results of our study are presented. The results assume anechoic termination at the tail pipe exit and hence the tail pipe effects are neglected. Further, the damping due to the flow medium and the pipe walls is negligible


acoustic noise; acoustic wave absorption; noise abatement; noise control devices; piping systems; passive silencers; expansion chamber mufflers; transmission loss; double expansion mufflers; insertion loss; parametric study; anechoic termination; tail pipe exit; damping; flow medium

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