Application of environmental noise guidelines - Two case studies


  • Ramani Ramakrishnan Dept. of Architectural Science, Ryerson University, 350 Victoria St., Toronto, Ont. M5B 2K3, Canada


Buildings, Environmental impact, Laws and legislation, Locomotives, Pollution, Sampling, Compliance procedures, Environmental noise, Noise impact, Noise levels


The application of environmental noise guidelines, which is more of an art than science in many instances, is discussed. Ontario will be used as a test case for the application of the guidelines contained in the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) publications. Two case studies will be used to highlight the difficulties of interpreting and applying the guidelines to obtain Certificate of Approval (CoA) for industrial operations. The noise limit to be satisfied by the plants is 45 dBA in an urban setting and 40 dBA if located in a rural setting.

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